In 2001, with a baby on each hip, Nashville native Stacey Puncochar Perry was going a bit stir crazy. Inspired by the holiday home shows of Franklin Artist Eileen Husband, Stacey and her friend, Tracy Utley, decided it was time to use their creative and entrepreneurial gifts. 


Together they launched Serendipity, a Holiday home show in historic downtown Franklin. Many of their friends were talented artists and new moms without venues to showcase and sell their wares.  Stacey decided not only was she going to help run the show but also wanted to make something to sell. So she pulled out her Martha Stewart's book Wreaths and went to work. "I taught myself how to make wreaths that year from reading Martha's book and through trial and error."

All of her wreaths were made out of fresh clippings of Magnolia or Boxwood and sold out within the first hour of the show. She quickly saw that there was a market for these fresh magnolia wreaths and so begun her business, aptly named Down to the Wire. 

As clients began asking her to decorate their mailboxes and design and decorate their homes, Down to the Wire blossomed into a full blown business. "I'm thankful that I have the privilege to create beauty for a living,” Stacey says. In 2013, she finally had all six kids in school and that was the year Down to the Wire expanded into other avenues, such as wedding flowers and event design and decorating. "Down to the Wire has grown organically. I've loved the way that it's expanded at the exact pace that I've needed it to, in order to care for my family along the way."